Conversion shortcodes

Important Javascript code, conversion script or custom css codes are not allowed on the free version.

You can use one of these available shortcodes (new shortcodes will add soon)

Google analytics

[csm_google_analytics ua=”UA-XXXXX-Y” anonymizeIP=”true|false”]

  1. ua, is a string like UA-XXXXX-Y, it must be included to tell Analytics which account and property to send data to.
  2. anonymizeIP, set true to anonymizes IP addresses.

Facebook conversion pixel

[csm_fb_pixel pixelid=”PIXEL ID” value=”numeric” currency=”string”]

  1. pixelid, your Facebook Pixel ID.
  2. value, the value of your conversion (for example 1.00).
  3. currency, the currency of your conversion (for example USD).